Do you have a Schwartz Story?

I would love to hear your stories. Feel free to leave me a comment or send me your story at my email address. (En français ou/or in English, n’importe /doesn’t matter)

Hey, and maybe we can plan to meet at Schwartz’s and have a smoked meat together.




5 Responses to Do you have a Schwartz Story?

  1. zazzee dit :

    Does the reply box at Schwartz stories work?

  2. Sylvain Garel dit :


    Schwartz est un bon souvenir de Montréal et à chaque fois que je retourne dans ma ville préférée je vais vite y faire un tour. Je suis français et faisais un tour en bus de la Nouvelle Angleterre, puis j’ai continué vers l’Ontario et le Québec. Ma première visite remonte donc en 1995, arrivé de Toronto en bus, j’étais allé à l’auberge de jeunesse au Centre (rue McKay) mais elle était complète. Heureusement à l’accueil on m’a trouvé une place au Collège français sur le Plateau. Arrivé là, on m’a tout de suite dit de descendre le boulevard Saint Laurent pour sentir Montréal et son fameux flair.

    Un atroupement se trouvait devant Schwartz, j’ai donc décidé de repasser quand la file serait moins longue… il y a toujours du monde alors je me suis résigné et mmm quel délice le SMOKED MEAT. 1995, 2000 et 2005… Une boite d’épices à steak et un mug se Schwartz occupe une grande place dans ma cuisine et mes souvenirs.

  3. Zalman dit :

    If you want to be treated extremely rudely by fat butchers, then this is the place to be. 3 or 4 years ago, while visiting Montreal, we made a stop at Schwartz’s for some take out. We waited in line for over an hour!!

    When we got near the front of the line, we heard one of the fat butchers say « let them wait, they’ll come back anyways ».

    Poor service is one thing, but utter arrogance and disrespect of your customers is another. I will NEVER condone any business to act in such a rude manner and I will make it known to anyone thinking of going. This still angers me even after 3-4 years.

    The food may be good (not great).. but to be subjected to that kind of rudeness is utter nonsense… be forewarned!

  4. Living in Vietnam for so long now, and missing the food there so badly, I’ve often contemplated having some Schwartz’s smoked meat flown out (and Fairmount bagels for good measure). One of these days.

    From our website:

    scootRS Lambretta Vespa Scooters & Parts Manufacturing has a factory/shop in Saigon, Vietnam, and different stock locations. It is run by a Canadian who has been in Asia since 1991. In his former life he was known to wait out Montreal snowstorms pondering philosophical conundrums, such as whether to attend lectures when it is -25 Celcius. He still dreams of Schwartz’s smoked-meat sandwiches (see the film trailer) and Fairmount’s onion bagels. –The initiates know.

    Good luck with your documentary. Those flickr photos are great too!

  5. Amanda dit :

    My husband and I went to Quebec and Montreal for our Honeymoon, in January of 2007 (yes, the middle of Winter). It was such a lovely two weeks: we stayed at nice hotels, ate at great restaurants, and experienced so many new things. Being from California, the weather itself was new and exciting.

    On our trip, we went to visit some long lost friends in Montreal, they offered to take us for smoked meat at Schwartz’s. They promised that this was the best choice, but we were skeptical of the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. We arrived and were seated immediately (from what I’ve read, it sounds like that’s a blessing). The staff were no-nonsense, but they spoke to our friends in perfect French, and spoke to us in perfect English. We all felt very welcome.

    I had no idea what to expect, but what I got was one of the most delicious and simple meals I’ve ever had: lean smoked meat sandwich, fries, pickle. Out of all of our culinary experiences in Quebec, our lunch at Schwartz’s deli most frequently makes us roll our heads back in despair, wishing we lived close enough to go back again and again. It was so, so, so delicious. Schwartz’s, we miss you! We’ll definitely come back some day, and we know you’ll still be there. =)

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