Grand Prix Weekend

I was wandering up and down St. Lawrence on the Grand Prix weekend, I decided to drop into Schwartz’s because it has been SO long since I ate there. I went inside despite the tent they had set up outside, which would be cooler….but there’s just something about the atmosphere inside! I sat a table with a young couple from Baie Comeau, Quebec. They only make the 8 hour drive up river to Montreal once a year at the most, and of course, one of the things they have to do is eat at Schwartz’s. We had a nice chat, but then they decided to leave. They didn’t know that Schwartz’s only took cash…no problem, there’s a ATM across the street and one block down….except his card didn’t work. He went to another machine and it didn’t work. To make a long story short, the guys at Schwartz’s were very understanding. With a guarantee of his driver’s license, they allowed him to come back the next day and pay.

As for me, the waiter brought my fries and drink but never my sandwich. When I had finished all my fries I inquired….the waiter was super apologetic and gave me another fries and a pickle for free to make up for it.


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