Made my day…

I wandered over to Schwartz’s on Friday just after my visit to the dentist. To my surprise, one of the waiters recognized me as I walked in the door. He spread out his welcoming arms saying aloud… »Schwartz Stories dot com! » Wow, this just made my day.  He sat me at a table with 3 people from Colombia. Two of them live here and the other was visiting, all were experiencing Schwartz’s smoked meat for the first time. With my really bad mixture of Spanish, French and English I helped them navigate the menu to find the classic medium smoked meat sandwich.

I didn’t have much time to hang around and butcher the Spanish language, being already late for my rendez-vous avec Joseph. But as I was standing in line to pay, a couple at the table near the caisse engaged me in a conversation. Turns out they are annual visitors to Montreal from New Jersey and Schwartz’s is always a part of their visit. I was able to tell them about my recent visit to Camden, NJ and to Philly across the river, where I connected to two unusual communities: Camden House and the Simple Way.


One Response to Made my day…

  1. Bary dit :

    Thought you’d like to know that there is a new feature length documentary about Montreal’s legendary deli called Chez Schwartz. It is being launched at Schwartz’s June 26 at 10 AM with proceeds from the DVD sales at Schwartz’s going to research in ovarian cancer (through a foundation set up by Schwartz’s owner Hy Diamond). For details on the DVD, check the web site

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