Alex and his poetry

When you see the movie you’ll remember Alex
He was the busboy who moved up to waiter status
He also writes poetry about Schwartz’s

I got up my nerve to talk to him about it
I would like to feature some of his poetry on this website
He agreed to think about it
Afraid of copyright stealing

I think he could sacrifice one of them
in order to let more people know about his potential

I think it could be a book
If he has enough of them


One Response to Alex and his poetry

  1. Alex Lebel dit :

    greetings fellow patrions of the written word

    schwartzs is not a relic
    its an adventure and a story to tell
    you ponder its spices and its wishful taste
    montreals great cusine and talent

    schwartzs is a line of thee Spices Seeker
    unknown to all, thee lost magic of Ville Marie
    sidewalks are full, like a Fans so plentiful
    montreals an embrace of spices and nations

    schwarts is a crowded desktop
    hunger is just like a virus
    not deadly but worth dieing with
    such is its service to the world

    schwarts is a mother at a table
    waiters are the children that serve so
    busboys maintain the speed and attitude
    customers are brothers and sisters, all a family

    may you be truly blessed
    yours truly,modern shakespeare

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